♥ Join the Jam ♥

Let’s face it. The concept of NFT communities, along with crypto in general, is at a low point right now.

I personally lost a chunk of change through investment in a company that I still think had great transparency but had FTX exposure. It stinks.

I’ve also been part of NFT communities that realized they couldn’t continue to function with the model of ‘buy one and done’ NFT purchases and switched over to a ‘subscription’ model without any transparency. That wasn’t cool either.

However, I still believe not only in the concept but also the viability of blockchain-based entities. We just need to find another sustainable way to operate.

My dream is still alive of creating a fun environment for folks who love to enjoy life, particularly through vibrant art and jamming music and dance. This would be a merger of the NFT art concept with the social benefits of a community-based NFT project.

I would love to take the best elements of the NFT / blockchain space to create an awesome community ❤️ If you are interested, I’d love to hear your ideas!

Thanks! Katey